Mark Lindquist's innovative book Sculpting Wood is no longer available for direct purchase and is currently out of print.


This book is about creating art from wood. Come into Mark Lindquist's
studio and learn both basic and advanced techniques. He'll show you how to use traditional as well as non-traditional tools and techniques.
Step-by-step instructions with numerous photographs for projects in sculpture, decorative pieces, and bowls. An emphasis is placed on harvesting and sculpting the rare beauty of spalted wood and burls with chainsaw and lathe. "This book's a beauty... an inspiration... expect to return time and
again."—Popular Woodworking.

Sculpting Wood by Mark Lindquist      OUT OF PRINT

Sculpting Wood -- about creating art from wood -- is written by the renowned contemporary woodsculptor and woodturner, Mark Lindquist. In this book, he brings you into his studio to learn basic as well as advanced technniques for sculpting wood.

Chapters on basic tools and techniques initiate beginners into the complexities of wood sculpture. For experienced woodworkers, Lindquist opens new horizons with sophisticated techniques and new ways to use both traditional and nontraditional tools. Sculpting Wood is the first book to devote attention to a specialty Mark and his father Melvin are masters of -- harvesting and sculpting the rare beauty of spalted wood and burls with chainsaw and lathe.

Step-by-step projects with numerous photographs encompass techniques from the most basic to the most advanced -- you'll be able to learn while creating! Mastery of hand and power tools is emphasized, with clear descriptions of how each tool works and how it can best be used. Safety precautions, especially for power tools, are highlighted throughout.

More than a how-to book, Sculpting Wood explores the philosophical as well as practical aspects of this popular art form. In sharing his years of personal experience and his love for the medium, Lindquist gives us rare insight into the development of artistic expression. His approach to sculpting wood synthesizes the best of old traditions and new technology, and pays tribute to the harmony between nature and art.

Sculpting Wood will inspire, instruct, and excite both beginning and experienced wood enthusiasts.

(from the book jacket) 1986 Davis Publications, Inc., Worcester, MA


A note from Mark Lindquist:

"...many thanks to Wyatt Wade of Davis Publications - he made a special trip to visit me in Florida in 2007 to tell me that after 20 + years they would be no longer publishing Sculpting Wood since Davis is moving in new directions.  Thanks to everyone who bought the book and continue to be in touch about it.  We have no plans to update the book, but are considering republishing at some point in the future.  So much has happened in the field of woodturning / sculpture since I began the book in 1976, and since it was published in 1986.  Again, thanks for all the support, have fun with woodworking and wood art..."!

                                                                                                       Mark Lindquist - July 10, 2009


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