The Zone Line Series Photos
By Mark Lindquist

Photographic images Mark Lindquist 1980

Mark Lindquist began photography in the late 1960's. The Zone Line Photographs
are close-up (macro) photographs of select pieces of spalted wood that Mark
carefully chose for figure and calligraphic image content. The early black and white
Zone Line Series photos were printed on fiber-based archival papers
by Mark and his wife Kathy in the New Hampshire studio beginning in 1979.
The announcement above is from the first exhibit of the Zone Line photos in a
commercial gallery. The ZLP shown above is titled Tzu Jan, was shot in 1980
(from a piece of spalted maple) with a Mamiya M645 with macro bellows,
and was printed on Zone VI Brilliant photographic paper.

The Chinese used the words "Tzu Jan" to describe the characteristics of brush strokes
which came alive like "the birds' flight." Japanese calligraphers captured the essence of
their materials and their subjects through the deft manipulation of their brushes.


20 Sep 1997