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Mark Lindquist Vessel - Click on Picture For Larger Image.Most of my works are self-portraits.
Sands of Time
comes out of the early (begun in 1979) "Ascending Bowl" series, which has been updated or reinvented to reflect the passage of time, the erosion which occurred physically in my life since a difficult accident in the mid 80s (not to mention the aspects of getting older).  Having worked with my father since the age of ten (he told me I worked with him as soon as I could walk), I have seen the way life affects the body.  Towards the end of his life, watching my father who could barely walk, as he worked at the lathe, I saw he still had upper body strength and a keen sense of form, perhaps the keenest it had ever been.  I saw that his work, though a struggle, was a joy to him; it was the life-blood of his existence and ever critical in his daily routine, even if just for an hour a day.

Sands of Time is about the beauty of existence in aging.Mark Lindquist Vessel - Click on Picture For Larger Image.  It is about revealing the truth of what we are made of, the process we must go through in life which none escape.  Perhaps this is now a newly vital "Ascending Bowl" for me, as I come to terms with the fact that I can no longer lift that two hundred pound burl up onto my shoulder out in the woods and walk off with it.  Like the driftwood discovered on a solitary walk along the beach, this wood shows evidence of previous life and prior glory, yet, while aging has taken something away, it has also added depth and expressiveness, and revealed the true and lasting qualities of the material.