Mark Lindquist: Totemic Triad


The Bank of America Art Program commissioned sculptor Mark Lindquist to re-install three sculptures originally purchased in 1992.  Lindquist worked with the Balfour Beatty team, Little, and Mary Edith Alexander, Curator of BOA's Art Program to prepare and complete the installation in Founder's Hall, a recently completed newly renovated space in Bank of America Corporate Headquarters in Charlotte, NC.


Totemic Triad - Installation, 2010 Founder's Hall

Mark Lindquist, Totemic Triad, 1992, Pecan, Spalted Pecan, Walnut, 72"H x 6' x 8' at base
Copyright 1992 Lindquist Studios - All Rights Reserved - Photo 2010 - Mark Lindquist

(left to right) Mary Edith Alexander, BOA Art Program, Mark Lindquist, Raleigh Cline, Cliff Jacobs
discussing location and plans for custom plinth for permanent installation of Totemic Triad, in December, 2009.

Mark Lindquist and studio assistant Spencer Bennett (from Henniker, NH)  spent a week in Charlotte, NC in 2010, retrofitting the three totemic sculptures and installing them on a custom made steel and stone base at Bank of America Corporate Headquarters, Founder's Hall.  Following are images of the process.

Temporary studio setup in adjacent space being renovated.

Mark Lindquist routing sculpture base and drilling center 1" Diameter hole
for refit of adapters to secure sculpture to plinth.

Looking over the Hoist and gantry situation.

Mary Edith Alexander (left) curator of BOA Art Program, and Mark Lindquist

Mark Lindquist using specialized rigging to hoist sculpture for permanent installation

Raleigh Cline, AIA (left) of LITTLE Architectural Consulting discusses design considerations with Mark Lindquist

Spencer Bennett, (Lindquist Studios)

From left to right: Chase Walker, Cliff McMackin, Jason Smiley (Balfour Beatty)
Spencer Bennet (Lindquist Studios) and Mark Lindquist (foreground, right)

Ra-ed and Will from Harris Holt, working with Mark Lindquist installing center vessel sculpture top

Mark Lindquist finalizes installation, Thursday, January 28. 2010

Night-time view, Founder's Hall - Photo: Mark Lindquist

Additional photos: Spencer Bennett/Lindquist Studios
ALL PHOTOS Copyright 2010 Lindquist Studios - All Rights Reserved

Previous Installations of Totemic Triad in Bank of America Corporate Headquarters over the years



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